Hours of Operation


Monday          8am - 5pm

Tuesday         8am - 5pm

Wednesday    8am - 5pm

Thursday        8am - 5pm

Friday             8am - 5pm

Saturday         8am - 12pm

Sunday           CLOSED

 CALL NOW!  210-924-1254   Toll Free: 1-800-580-STEEL

5326 Roosevelt Avenue San Antonio TX 78214

 * #1 and #2 copper   *Aluminum cans
* Aluminum clip   *Aluminum rims
* Aluminum siding   * AC Coils
* AC Condensers   * Bare bright copper
* Christmas lights    * Clean copper
* Dirty Copper   * Copper sheeting
* Metal Plumbing pipes    * Faucets 
* Electric motors   * Electrical parts
* Electrical wiring   * Extruded aluminum
* Insulated wire   *Iron -Aluminum mix
* Lead-acid batteries   * Lead Wheel Weights
* Painted aluminum   * Radiators  
* Red brass (Ebony)  *Stainless Steel   * Titanium
* Shredded non-ferrous scrap (Zorba)
* Turnings wheel weights (Ropes)
* Yellow brass (Honey)
* Zinc

Non-Ferrous Materials Accepted

Ferrous Materials Accepted

The following is a list of articles that River City Steel and Recycling does not accept:
Computers or TV monitors

Beer Kegs
Liquids or fluids of any kind
Hazardous waste or chemicals
Radioactive materials
Flammable materials (no ammunition or explosives)
Closed containers (such as fuel/ gas tanks, enclosed drums or tanks with no 2’x2’ hole)


* Appliances * Axles  * Bicycles       
* Busheling   * Cast Iron   *Drums and Rotors   
* Electric Motors   * Farm Equipment  
* Heavy Steel      * Hot Water Heaters   
* Industrial Metals   * Iron    * Lawnmowers
* Light Steel       * Long Steel
* Machine Cast    * Metal Buildings   
* Metal Cabinets   * Metal Fencing  
* Metal Lawn Furniture   * Metal Roofing  
* Mixed Steel   * Motor Blocks   * Rebar  
* Rims   * Rotors   * Sheet Iron   * Short Steel  

* Steel Drums   * Stoves  * Tin   * Trailers  
* Transmissions   * Washing Machines
* Whole Cars**

     How can you sell your old car?

Make sure the paperwork is in order 

Before you bring your vehicle to us, make sure you have the Title or a recent Bill of Sale. 

Ensure the vehicle is free of all fluids and liquids (no oil, gas, or other fluids are accepted with the vehicle). 

Ensure the vehicle is free of trash and debris (deductions will be made for unwanted materials)

Finish off the process

We ask that you please remove the license plate from the vehicle along with any vehicle registration or inspection stickers that may be on the vehicle. Once that is complete, you may sign over the title and be on your way with cash in your pocket.