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ferrous materials
* Axles
* Bicycles
* Busheling
* Cast Iron
* Drums and Rotors
* Electric Motors
* Farm Equipment
* Heavy Steel
* Hot Water Heaters
* Industrial Metals
* Iron
* Lawnmowers
* Machine Cast
* Metal Buildings
* Metal Cabinets
* Metal Fencing  
Metal Lawn Furniture
* Metal Roofing
* Motor Blocks
* Rebar
* Rims
* Rotors
* Sheet Iron
* Steel Drums
* Stoves
* Tin
* Trailers
* Transmissions
* Washing Machines
* Whole Cars
NOT accepted:

* Computers or TV monitors
* Microwaves
* Beer Kegs
* Glass
* Liquids or fluids of any kind
* Hazardous waste or chemicals
* Radioactive materials
* Flammable materials (no ammunition or explosives)
* Closed containers (such as fuel/ gas tanks, enclosed drums )
How can you sell your old car?
  • Make sure the paperwork is in order.-
  • Before you bring your vehicle to us, make sure you have the Title or a recent Bill of Sale.
  • Ensure the vehicle is free of all fluids and liquids (no oil, gas, or other fluids are accepted with the vehicle).
  • Ensure the vehicle is free of trash and debris (deductions will be made for unwanted materials)
  • We ask that you please remove the license plate from the vehicle along with any vehicle registration or inspection stickers that may be on the vehicle.
  • Once that is complete, you may sign over the title and be on your way with cash in your pocket.

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